Friday, December 1, 2017

Sunday Release Party Giveaways and December Giveaways!

That's right!  This weekend I'll be at Renee Rose & Lee Savino's Release Party for Alpha's Challenge, the latest in their Bad Boy Alphas series!

The party is on Facebook in The L. Woods Romance Room this Sunday December 3rd from 7 pm - 10 pm.  I'm taking over the party from 9:30 pm - 9:45 pm and I'll be doing a live video reading from Chasing His Bunny and a whole bunch of game giveaways including codes for Chasing His Bunny audiobooks, giving away books from both the Bridal Discipline AND Stronghold Doms series, as well as a $10 Amazon Gift Card so definitely come and visit us!

Also it's now December!  Which means it's time for the 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!  Make sure you are following my Facebook page so you can enter for the giveaways!  There will be ways on enter on each day of the giveaway on my page.

AND newsletter subscribers and Facebook Group (it's private!) members are AUTOMATICALLY entered (twice if they're signed up for both) even before the giveaway is announced on my page, so if you want to maximize your chances of winning make sure you're signed up for all three!

Newsletter subscibers also automatically receive a holiday BDSM story from Stronghold when they sign up as well as a free copy of Undisciplined from the Bridal Discipline series in the newsletter welcome message.  December's newsletter goes out on Monday and will have all the dates and prizes for the Holiday Giveaways!

Angel Legion Facebook members have access to constant exlusive content and I'll be announcing all the Holiday Giveaway dates and prizes in there Monday morning!

Hopefully I'll see you on Sunday or for one (or more) of the Giveaways!

Want more free stuff?  Of course!  Check out this High Heat Romance Give-Away where you can pick up a free copy of Stripping the Sub as well as a TON of free smutty books by other authors!  I'm looking forward to downloading a bunch myself!!!

Also, if you have 30 seconds, please go vote for Benedict's Commands  in's monthly cover contest!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thankfulness, Free Stuff, and Audio Books

I am thankful for so many things this year.  My hubby, my friends, my family, and my readers!!!!!

This has been an AMAZING year for me as an author and I'm really looking forward to the future.  For the first time I'm starting to hope that becoming a full-time author is within my reach within a couple of years (good news for everyone, since that also means I'd presumably have more time to write! =)  This is in large part thanks to Lee Savino, a fantastic author and an amazing person, and if you haven't read her books you should definitely check her out.  I'll be part of her and Renee Rose's Facebook release party for their new addition to the Bad Boy Alphas series, Alpha's Challenge, in The L. Woods PR Romance Room the evening of December 3 (make sure to check out the previous books in the series, all available on Kindle Unlimited!).  So come join us for all sorts of giveaways and introductions to awesome authors that evening!  And it's just a good group to join in general because there's almost always something going on =)  My time slot is 9:30 pm - December 3. Remember it ;)

Other things to know!  There's so much.  LOL.


If you haven't already signed up for my newsletter, do it now!  You'll get a free story immediately (Will & Gina's story, formerly part of Pieces of Stronghold but now only available through the newsletter) in the welcome email and I'm going to be focusing on making my newsletter better this upcoming year and using it for more giveaways and things like that.  In December I'm going to have a lot of giveaways going on for the holidays, so you definitely want to get in on that!

I now have perma-free books!  Birching His Bride, the first book in the Bridal Discipline Quartet is now free, as is Stronghold, the first book in the Stronghold Doms series (and Stronghold is going to be getting a face lift in a couple weeks with a new cover and title - His Sassy Submissive).  So tell your friends - free books!


As part of my move to become a full time author eventually, a lot of my books are going to be moving to Kindle Unlimited.  Smashwords and Nook unfortunately just don't have enough readership of my stuff and I'll be able to make the move to full time authoress a lot sooner the more I move into KU.  So far, the Venus Rising Quartet, Big Bad Bunnies, and the majority of Stronghold Doms books have been moved to KU.

I will still publish new books on Smashwords and Nook, however some of them will not remain on those platforms for very long after publication.  The Victorian series actually do fairly well on those platforms, so those are going to remain published everywhere for now.

But for other series, new Big Bad Bunny books will only remain on those platforms for a month before being moved to KU.  Stronghold Dom books will have the two most recent books available on all platforms, but each time a new book comes out the least recent book not on KU will be moved to KU (so when Tempting the Domme comes out, Bound to the Past will move to KU, etc.).


Some things will be made available just through the newsletter, but I've also started a Facebook group - the Angel Legion Lair - where we have discussions, giveaways, and it's easy to stay up-to-date with the latest of what's going on (even easier than following my Facebook page, because Facebook will notify you when something is posted to the group - unlike with my page which follows Facebook algorithms and so people have missed important posts because of that :( ).  The newsletter is only sent out once a month so the Facebook group is usually going to be the first to know what's going on.


That's right!  I'm branching out into audio books!  So far there are three available -

The Venus School
Venus Aspiring
Chasing His Bunny

Birching His Bride has been approved (by me) and is currently going through Amazon's review process, which can take up to two weeks, so it should be out within the next couple weeks!

If you don't yet have Audible and you're tempted to get it - you can get any one of my three books for free when you sign up for a trial through them!  Click on any of THESE links and it will take you to sign up for the free 30 day trial and download the book for free so you can see if you like it or not.   And either way, you still get to listen to one of the books for free!

The Venus School
Venus Aspiring
Chasing His Bunny

Audible also says it's soon going to be starting a romance audio book program, basically Kindle Unlimited for Audible, and all of my books will also be enrolled in that as they come out.

Chasing His Squirrel should be out by the end of this year as well, and Philip's Rules, Undisciplined, Gabrielle's Discipline, Venus Desiring, Venus Transcendent, Stronghold, Taming the Tease, Annie & the Sybian, Dealing with Discipline, Punishing His Ward, and Claiming His Wife will all come out in audio book next year.  There may be more, but those are all the ones currently in production and which will definitely be released in 2018.


The Literotica Authors Go West event released its stories today!  I'm in there with Mail Order Menage =)  It's just a fun little themed thing - check out all the stories and enjoy!

Chapter 21 of Taken by the Viking has also been submitted and, according to my Lit author board, will release tomorrow!


So that's what's going on!  I know it's a lot.  And I'm so thankful for all my readers who have helped to get me to this place!

If you have any suggestions for things you'd like me to do for next year, just comment and let me know!  And don't miss out on any giveaways next month - sign up for my newsletter or join my facebook group (or both for multiple chances to win!).

Happy Thanksgiving!  And thank you all so much for reading!!!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Want a Free Copy of Arabella's Taming?

Okay, who's ready to be bribed?!

Benedict's Commands needs more reviews =)  And I like to give free things to those who help me.

So if you've already written a review, or you write a review by midnight Sunday November 12, let me know with a comment or an email, and I'll enter your name into a drawing for a free copy of Arabella's Taming!

First name gets a free signed paperback as well as the ebook, and runner-up gets the free ebook!

I'm also probably going to do some kind of giveaway around Christmas, so keep an eye out for that!  (maybe even before because I have some audiobooks coming out soon!!!!!!!)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Release Day & Other News!

There's a lot going on!

First of all, I'm back on Literotica finishing up TbtV!  Chapter 20 was released this past week =)  I'm about to go out of town and won't be back for a week, but after that my main focus is going to be finishing the series before Thanksgiving.  WOOT!

Also coming out before Thanksgiving will be a story that's part of the Literotica Writers Go West event =)  I'm gonna try my hand at a cowboy story!  Mail-order bride to be specific.  If it goes well, I may end up writing a few mail-order books.  I like using Literotica as a testing ground.

I've got quite a few books in to become audiobooks and they're coming along very nicely!!!  Venus Aspiring and Chasing His Bunny should both be out in early November =)

But the really big news - of course - Benedict's Commands is now available on all platforms!

Amazon        Barnes & Noble        Smashwords

Love? Marriage? Lady Christina Rowan, Dowager-Marchesse of Stanhope, doesn't think so. She avoids both heavy emotions and heavy commitments, and has ever since she discovered the truth behind her first husband's death. As a widow she's found freedom in having lovers without love. When she began to have feelings for her current lover, Benedict Windham, brother to the Duke of Manchester, she immediately cuts him loose before she can become too attached.

Or so she thought.

Time away from Christina has made Benedict realize how deep his own feelings for her run; not only is she the most exciting lover he's ever had, he's actually fallen in love with her. So when he returns to London for the Season, he's determined to court his former lover and turn her into his wife. 

This book contains spanking, BDSM, an alpha male, an amorous but emotionally reluctant heroine, and a lot of naughty, scandalous fun.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Benedict's Commands Now Available for Pre-Order!

The next book in the Bridal Discipline Series is almost here!!!!

Benedict's Commands is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon at the special $2.99 pre-order price.  =)  October 28 is release day and the price will go up on Amazon to $3.99 and it will be $2.99 for the first week on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

Love? Marriage? Lady Christina Rowan, Dowager-Marchesse of Stanhope, doesn't think so. She avoids both heavy emotions and heavy commitments, and has ever since she discovered the truth behind her first husband's death. As a widow she's found freedom in having lovers without love. When she began to have feelings for her current lover, Benedict Windham, brother to the Duke of Manchester, she immediately cuts him loose before she can become too attached.

Or so she thought.

Time away from Christina has made Benedict realize how deep his own feelings for her run; not only is she the most exciting lover he's ever had, he's actually fallen in love with her. So when he returns to London for the Season, he's determined to court his former lover and turn her into his wife. 

This book contains spanking, BDSM, anal play, and erotic scenes.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

All The Things

Goodness... so much going on.

Well, first things first - what's NOT going on.  I've been just terrible about finishing Taken by the Viking for Literotica and I feel bad about it but my mental energy is just so low right now it's going to be all I can do to finish up Benedict's Commands on time.  As much as I love my Lit readers and fans, the book deadlines take higher priority for me.  It doesn't help that Jordan and Trish haven't been very talkative in my head.  I do plan to finish them up before Christmas, but it's probably going to have to wait until BC is done. 

Why is my mental energy so low?  Well, I'm pretty much completely stressed out, anxious, and depressed, and while I'm doing my best to distract myself and keep my spirits up (and manage to do a pretty decent job), it's really draining.  I'm also not sure if I'm actually keeping my spirits up, or if I'm just so drained I don't have the energy to really be miserable anymore.  Or if I've just become so used to being in this state that I've stopped really noticing it as much. 

If you've been following my Facebook you know some of what's going on.  My best friend's father, who was basically my second dad (and I literally mean that, half the time I hang out with her parents she's not even there, they're a big part of my life and have been for over a decade) had been dealing with health issues for a while.  In June it got bad, they managed to get him into home hospice care at the very end of June, just in time for his and Momma's 41st wedding anniversary.  I live just down the street and so was going over pretty regularly to help out, taking turns with their kids to keep them company in the evenings and make sure they didn't need anything.  July 12 he passed away.  Bestie was out of town and called me immediately.  I went over to help Momma and her son deal with calling hospice and the funeral home and the family.  It was one of the hardest weeks of my entire life.

After that I was helping out on Momma duty, we were taking turns making sure she had someone with her every evening for the first few weeks.  Obviously something I was happy to do, just as I had been going over before he passed, but both things are still emotionally draining, esp while grieving.

A week after Poppa's funeral my own grandmother went into the hospital for what could have been a life-threatening condition but fortunately wasn't because she was admitted in time. 

A week after that Hubby's stepmother called, she was in an ambulance with his dad and they thought it was his heart.  Obviously not something you want to hear at any time, but two weeks after Poppa's passing it was especially panic-inducing.  We rushed to the hospital.  It turned out it wasn't his heart but he needed gall bladder surgery.  Surgery happened on Monday, things were looking up.

Friday he was rushed back to the hospital.  Something was REALLY wrong neurologically and they couldn't figure out what was going on.  This culminated in a brain bleed Tuesday night which, if it didn't stop on its own and they had to go in to stop it would have put his chances of survival at only 20%.  Fortunately over Tuesday night it did stop on its own and he was doing much better Wednesday morning.

We were in his hospital room getting the good news Wednesday morning (HUGE relief) when my mom texted me.  My grandfather was on  his way to the hospital, they thought he'd had a stroke.

Cue my biggest breakdown.

Since then, everyone has been getting better, I finally started feeling better, until two weeks ago when we found out my Great Aunt has aggressive cancer.  She may or may not make it to the end of the year.  I'm supposed to be going to visit her this weekend but haven't heard back from any of my recent emails (and she's a little deaf so calling isn't the best option) so I've gotta reach out to one of her kids and find out if I'm still going to visit this weekend.  I would really like to, but at the same time it's not exactly a happy visit since it's very possibly the last time I'll see her if she doesn't make it to the holidays.

And last week hubby's aunt on his mom's side tried to kill herself, fortunately her brother found her and got her to the hospital in time.

So that's where I'm at and why I am running low on creative mental energy.

However, where I'm running a little higher is on energy for things that will distract me from what's going on in my life and require no creativity... so cue perfect time to start getting serious about audio books!  People have been asking about audio books for a while and Venus School was the only one I had available.

I am happy to report that Venus Aspiring now has a narrator and is in production.

Chasing His Bunny has a narrator and is in production.

Chasing His Squirrel has an interested narrator and I've made an offer so hopefully it will be in production soon.

I'm uploading other books for narrator auditions and am reaching out to narrators when no one auditions immediately... so far the Big Bad Bunnies series has definitely attracted the most narrators, but I'll keep working until I can find a narrator for every single one of my books!  I'm going to try and get a couple of my Dark Angel titles narrated as well. 

And so far, Benedict's Commands is still on schedule for an October release, after which I will hopefully bang out the last few chapters of Taken by the Viking and then jump right into Tempting the Domme for Stronghold


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Dark Angel Release - Forbidden Fantasy House

Who wants to read something dark?!

My latest Dark Angel release is now available on Amazon to buy or borrow using Kindle Unlimited =)

Forbidden Fantasy House is based off of my Literotica story "Fantasy House: Elena's Story" - so many people were interested in Lance as a character that I ended up turning this into a full blown novella =) The original story is still in there as well, but now we see how Elena got to the Fantasy House, and what happens after Lance sees her leaving it =)